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Sea Seasonings - Kelp w/Cayenne Shaker


Convenient 1.5 oz shaker container

Kelp with Cayenne Sea Seasonings (now a blend) adds a little saltiness, a little heat and lots of nutrition. Kelp with Cayenne is low sodium but tastes "salty", thanks to the rich complement of potassium, magnesium and other mineral salts. Kelp Granules are especially rich in iron, iodine, Vitamin B-6, riboflavin, and dietary fiber. Kelp also contains a natural substance that enhances flavor and tenderizes. Phytochemicals in Kelp have been shown to absorb and eliminate radioactive elements and heavy metal contaminants from our bodies.

Our Sea Seasonings shakers are a convenient way to get your sea veggies in the kitchen, at the table, or on the road. Sprinkle on soups, salads, tofu, pasta, stir-fries, dressings, dips, sauces, breads, and tabouli. Get the nutritional benefits of sea veggies and skip the table salt.

Our kelp granules are a blend of Alaria esculenta and Ascophyllum nodosum. They are sustainably harvested, OCIA Certified Organic and a Raw Food. We also voluntarily test for heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, PCB's, fuel oil, and microbiological contaminants.

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