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Sushi Nori Rolls


Place a Maine Coast nori sheet flat on a cutting board. Rice for filling can be any variety — white, brown, sweet, basmati — as long as the rice has a sticky consistency, i.e., cooked with more water than usual.

Put rice on nori sheet and press down with moistened fingers to spread the rice. Rice should come to the edges of the nori sheet and be ¼" to 3/8" thick. Leave a margin of 1" on end near you where you will start rolling and about 2" at the far end where you will seal the roll.


Spread a bit of umeboshi (plum) paste on the rice at the near end, the whole width of the roll, or sprinkle the rice with ume vinegar, rice vinegar or balsamic vinegar for a different taste (this will provide tang and help keep the roll fresh if out of the fridge).

On the near end, place strips of filler ingredients (see list below) across the width of the roll.


Use your imagination and play with new contrasting tastes and pleasing color combinations. Remember to use thin strips and lay across the rice end to end. Use only 2 to 3 ingredients per roll so the roll will stick together.

Filler ideas include: Red or green bell pepper, pickled ginger, scallion greens, pickled daikon, other pickled veggies, cucumber, avocado, lightly steamed green beans, fakin' bacon, sautéed shiitake mushroom, marinated tofu, marinated tempeh, crushed garlic, steamed carrot, sauerkraut, kimchi, steamed daikon, steamed spinach, crushed garlic, basil & pine nuts, sun–dried tomato (pesto flavor sushi!), Maine Coast Dulse . . . and, toasted sesame seeds sprinkled on, Maine Coast Sea Seasonings sprinkled on . . . and on and on and on and on.

Have fun!


Fold the nori sheet over fillings and roll the sheet away from you, pressing lightly as you roll.


Moisten fingers and wipe on inside of nori sheet at the far end, finish rolling, and let the roll sit on the seal for a minute. (You can also use a nori-rolling mat, available in most health and oriental food stores.)


Sandwiches – To use the roll in place of a sandwich, cut in half and wrap each half in a plastic bag or waxed paper. If the 2 halves are stored touching they will stick together and fall apart. Or slice into ¾" rounds and lay in a lidded container.

Appetizers – Serve at table: slice in ¾" rounds and arrange on a plate (a great potluck dinner contribution.)

Dips – Traditionally, Nori is dipped in a sharp and tangy sauce. Try shoyu (good quality tamari or soy sauce) with grated ginger and wasabi paste or mustard mixed to taste.

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