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Roasted Laver

First, gently pull apart laver into 2" to 3" pieces. Do not soak or rinse.

Method #1

Place on a baking sheet or pan and put in an oven pre–heated for 5 minutes at 300° F. Check the roasting process to see if roasted as above. Again, be careful not to burn this delicate plant.

Method #2

Place in a dry skillet over low heat. Occasionally turn over the pieces and stir, a small spatula works fine. (Or your fingers!) In a few minutes the pieces will have become crisp — you will "feel" it — and the laver will give off a pleasant roasted smell. Please pay attention because the laver will burn if left too long in the skillet.


Roasted Laver is delicious as a stand–alone salty, yet low sodium "finger food". Place in a decorative bowl alongside other finger foods, especially baby carrots, celery, sliced cucumbers, etc.

Make an Oriental dip of wasabi powder (like horseradish) and freshly grated or powdered ginger to taste. Dip roasted laver and enjoy or place on a cucumber slice.

Sushi Surprise

Cook sushi rice. Place in small serving bowls and add some wasabi or wasabi ginger sauce on the top. Crumble on roasted laver and serve.


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