Maine Coast Sea Vegetables

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Laver "Wild Atlantic Nori" Recipes

Preparation Tips

Laver has a nutty taste due to amino acids and protein content.

Lightly rinse or soak, and check for small shells.

Lightly roasting laver enhances its flavor and tenderizes it. Spread laver in a 300F oven for 58 minutes until crisp but not burned, or dry roast in a medium skillet, pressing with a wooden spoon until crisp.

Laver is easy to use

Crumble roasted laver in soups, grains, salsas, breakfast cereal, granola and popcorn.

In stir-fries, laver complements most veggies, grains and soy products, especially tofu. Use about cup per 4 servings; add as last minute garnish for some "crunchy" texture.

Add to fried rice, noodle dishes, pasta or three bean salad.

In salads, tenderize by marinating at least 18 hours. Put in dressing or chop with greens.

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