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Kelp Recipes

Enjoying Raw Whole Leaf Digitata

Tear in to strips and chew. This gives a salty, long, satisfying jaw action, and gets sweeter as you chew. Rinsing is optional - it will waste many of the nutritious mineral salts, especially potassium [chloride).

Cut into "chip sized pieces", then soak in water for 4-12 hours, until tender enough for salad. The liquid will become gel-like. Be sure to find a way to consume the nutritious soaking water as well. The soaking water can also be used in salad dressing.

Cooking Tips

Soups – Replace chicken or beef stock with kelp stock. Simmer a 5" strip per quart of liquid at least 10 minutes. Leave kelp in for richer broth, or remove, chop and put back in soup.

Salads – Tenderize kelp by soaking (1 hr), marinating (1–24 hrs), roasting or pan-frying. Chop or crumble to bite-sized and toss with salad. Add dry kelp to any pickle recipe.

Beans – Natural glutamates in kelp enhance flavors and tenderize high protein foods like beans. Add a 5" strip to bean cooking water, leave in at least 10 minutes. For a thick rich bean broth, leave kelp until beans are cooked. No need to add salt.

Snack or Garnish – Tear, cut or snip kelp into bite-sized pieces. Roast at 300° F for 3–5 min. or dry-roast in skillet on low until crisp, or, press into well-oiled medium skillet until crisp. Sprinkle these kelp "chips" on salads, grains, pasta, or pop them right into your mouth!

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