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Our Products

  • Alaria "Wild Atlantic Wakame"

    A wild, yet delicate and mild taste; it blends in with many other ingredients without overwhelming them. Delicious in soups, salads and with pasta dishes. Available as whole leaf and powder.

  • Dulse

    Our most popular sea vegetable, dulse is soft and chewy with a distinctive taste and a beautiful rich red color. Can be enjoyed right out of the bag. Available as whole leaf, flakes, powder and in Sea Seasonings® shakers.

  • Dulse – Applewood Smoked

    Soft and chewy with a distinctive smoked taste. Gently smoked with Maine applewood. Delicous as a snack or ingredient in salads, soups and sandwiches.

  • Kelp "Wild Atlantic Kombu"

    Saccharina latissima (formerly known as Laminaria longicrurus) is a thinner, more tender variety of Japanese Kombu and can be used the same way: in soup stocks, pan-fried for chips or stir-fried. Available as whole leaf and flakes, and Sea Seasonings® shakers.

  • Laver "Wild Atlantic Nori"

    Porphyra umbilicalus has a sweet and nutty flavor. It is versatile and easy to use in cooking. Available as whole leaf, flakes, and in our Sea Seasonings® shakers. 

  • Sushi Nori

    A good, clean nori sheet for sushi or California rolls. Available as OCIA Certified Organic toasted and untoasted sheets

  • Kelp Krunch™

    Our delicious sesame seed snack bar, available in two flavors: Original Sesame and Sesame Ginger. All organic ingredients, lightly sweetened. Kids love them!

  • Sea Seasonings®

    Easy-to-use shakers of ground sea vegetables and sea vegetable spice blends. Six tasty varieties to choose from.

  • Sea Veggie Starter Kit

    A great introduction to the world of sea vegetables, our kit contains a sampling of our most popular sea vegetables, Sushi Nori, Sea Seasonings® and Kelp Krunch™ snack bars.

  • Seaweed Support™ Capsules

    All the benefits of certified organic raw seaweeds in convenient capsules. Available as Original Formula and Iodine Formula..

  • Bladderwrack

    We offer Bladderwrack for use as tea, broth, seafood flavoring, tinctures, and extracts. Available as whole leaf, coarse cut and powder forms.

  • Irish Moss

    Chondrus crispus is a short, bushy, red seaweed, traditionally boiled to release the gelling agent (carrageen). Available as flakes or powder.

  • Rockweed

    Rockweed is primarily used as a powder in drinks, teas or supplements. Rich in minerals and trace elements. Available in powder by the pound.

  • Sea Lettuce

    Sea lettuce has a distinctive flavor and aroma that is good in soups & salads. Available as flakes, whole leaf, or in our Sea Seasonings® Triple Blend shakers.

  • Maine Coast Sea Vegetables Gear

    Sea Vegetables Celebration Cookbook, aprons and T-shirts with our Maine Coast Sea Vegetables wave logo, and our informational CD-ROM.

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