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Four years ago we were excited to start using a new “Biodegradable and Compostable” bag technology. Today we are still proud to be using this same material for our retail bags. This material has been tested and shown to completely break down in both aerobic (as in a compost pile) and anaerobic conditions (as in a landfill), usually within nine months to five years, depending on environmental factors (see link below for more information).

The Federal Trade Commission, which monitors product and packaging claims, has recently released a new version of their “Green Guides,” aimed at reducing “green washing” and deceptive and inaccurate claims. In the new guide, the previously stated “reasonable amount of time” for a product or package to biodegrade has been replaced by “less than a year.” Unfortunately this decision was driven by consumer expectation of “a reasonable amount of time” for a material to break down, rather than by the science of biodegradation.

Although we still consider the material used in our bags to be a better choice over regular plastic that is only recyclable, we can no longer state “Biodegradable and Compostable” on the bags as their degradation time may be more than one year.

ECM Biofilms makes the biodegradability additive used in our bags. If you would like to learn more about this technology please visit their site. (  We have spoken with ECM’s CEO at length on this issue and will continue to support their efforts to offer better packaging material options, now and in the future.

Please note that different packaging is used for our bulk products.

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