Maine Coast Sea Vegetables

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Laver Preparation

Checking laver for tiny "hitchhikers"

Pull apart the dry matted leaves to make sure no shells or sand are hidden. If pre-soaking, this is not necessary as these should drop into soaking water.

Oven Roasting Laver

This enhances the nutty “protein” flavor and makes the leaves more tender.

1. Put your toaster oven on a low setting and roast only a few minutes until the leaves change color a bit and become crunchy. Burning will make them bitter.

2. Or place the leaves on a cookie sheet in a 250-300°F oven for 5-8 minutes. Watch them closely to prevent burning.

Pan Roasting Laver

This is the best way to tenderize and bring out the best flavor of laver.

1. Place a thin layer of leaves in a cast iron or thick bottomed skillet on medium heat. Use oil only if you want a more sensual taste.

2. Press the leaves onto the hot surface to speed the process and even the roasting. Leaves turn slightly brown and crispy when they are done.

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