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Dulse Preparation

Delicious right out of the bag!

Naturally tender and tasty, try dulse as a snack right out of the bag anytime. You can also drizzle a little extra virgin olive oil on your dulse for a heart healthy snack.

Inspecting Dulse

Begin with a careful inspection for the small shells we call “hitchhikers”, then proceed with:

Rinsing Dulse

Quickly rinse dulse to tenderize and reduce salinity before cutting to bite size. Dunk dulse fronds into a bowl of water and remove quickly. The longer the rinse, the more minerals are lost. Wet dulse is instantly tenderized. Once rinsed, the fronds are easier to cut to size for salads. For zesty sandwiches, add a layer of rinsed, tender, uncut dulse.

Chopping or Snipping Dulse

After inspection, stack a bunch of dry fronds, holding them securely to the cutting board as you slice through with a sharp knife. Using scissors, you can also hold 6 to 8 dry fronds in one hand, then snip to the desired size onto a cutting board or into a bowl.

Marinating Dulse

Marinate chopped dulse in oil and vinegar (or any dressing) a few minutes or longer before dressing your favorite salad. You can also use your favorite dressing (or simply lemon juice or vinegar) for a zesty taste.

Roasting Dulse for Garnishes

First separate pieces of dulse and spread them thinly on a cookie sheet. Preheat your oven to 200° F and leave dulse in for 3–4 minutes or until it gets brown and crisp. Watch it carefully to avoid burning. With a toaster oven, one minute on low (200° F) should be enough. Crumble it on to dips, stir-fries, casseroles, or salads for a delicious low sodium “salty” taste.

Kids of all ages love Pan Fried Dulse

Unfold individual pieces of dulse. Lightly oil skillet and place on burner over medium heat. Press the dulse down into the hot oil. Watch carefully for color to change to “brownish” in a few minutes or less. Do not over cook as burned dulse is bitter. Kids really love this preparation of dulse: it is salty, oily, crunchy and a little “weird”.

Stir-Frying Dulse

Stir-frying with dulse is easy, colorful and nutritious. Simply slice your favorite veggies of the season, sauté them in a small amount of oil with some cubed tofu and sprinkle on some chopped dulse.

Using Flakes and Granules

Dulse Flakes (available in 4 oz bags) and Dulse Granules (available in 1.5 oz shakers) are ready to sprinkle on anything: salads, popcorn, pasta, potatoes; or mix into smoothies, tapenades, sauces, granola, hot cereal. See our Recipes page for delicious ways to use these convenient products.

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