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Alaria Preparation

Soaking to Tenderize

Each 5 inch strip will expand about 20%. Overnight soaking makes the midrib more tender.

Cutting to Bite Size Pieces

Bunch 4–5 soaked strips and cut firmly with a sharp knife.


Some midribs are thicker and will stay crunchy when cooked. To remove them after soaking, slice carefully on either side (below) or tear away the tender leafy material after the frond is cooked.

Notice the different size fronds and midribs. You may chose to not remove the midribs of the smaller pieces.

Alaria Snipping with Scissors

An alternative to cutting alaria with a knife after it’s soaked or cooked, snip 3 or 4 fronds with a sharp pair of kitchen scissors into bite sized pieces. Each dry piece will swell about 20%, so keep them small.

Alaria Blanching and Steaming

When blanching or steaming alaria, start with soaked fronds, place them in boiling water or a steamer for about five minutes, until their color is slightly green. Great for salads and soups. If the midrib is too crunchy, cut it out.

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