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Laver  Wild Atlantic Nori

Fresh Laver

Porphyra umbilicalus

OCIA Certified Organic
and a Raw Food

Laver, also known as "Wild Atlantic Nori," is a wild North Atlantic cousin to Porphyra yezoensis or Nori, the seaweed grown on nets and processed into sheets for sushi. Laver has a similar sweet and nutty flavor in an unprocessed form. This delicious, indigenous algae grows wild here on our rocky shores from early spring to late fall.

To bring out more of its nutty, sweet flavor, lightly roast the Laver in a skillet or low oven until slightly green. It can be crumbled and sprinkled onto soups, salads, pasta, potatoes, or any dish needing a subtle, salty sea taste.

Our Laver/Wild Nori is available in the whole leaf form or as flakes. Please note: these laver flakes (also called "Wild Nori Flakes") are raw and unprocessed. They are NOT the same as our toasted Sushi Nori Flakes (P. yesoensis.) You can also find Laver in our Triple Blend Sea Seasonings.

Nutritionally, Laver is the highest in Vitamins B1, B6, B12, C and E of all the sea vegetables we carry. It also contains significant amounts of vegetable protein, fiber, iron and other minerals and trace elements.

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