Seaweed in the News

Today we’re starting something new on the blog–a weekly post with news from the world of seaweed that has come across the transom.

Fresh DulseFrom kelp as the new kale, to seaweed aquaculture projects, to dulse that tastes like bacon, to scientific research on the medicinal compounds in seaweeds, to fun new recipes. (Not that the bacon story is exactly news, in our opinion, as our Applewood Smoked Dulse has been tasting like bacon for many years! But that’s another story.)

If you have seaweed news to share, please let us know! We look forward to hearing it.

From recent weeks:

From Scientific American, an article by ClimateWire that looks at seaweed aquaculture in Maine, and potential benefits for the environment and for fishermen looking to diversify and work on the water.

National Geographic’s The Plate featured a story on Kathleen Drew-Baker, a phycologist (scientist who studies algae) who basically saved the nori industry in Japan in the 1950s. In Japan they call her the Mother of the Sea, and celebrate her birthday each November.

And Maine’s own Island Institute just published a story about Maine Coast Sea Vegetables’ expansion into our new building, and ongoing aquaculture projects. Take a peek inside our new space!

~~~Eat some seaweed!~~~

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