Seaweed and verse

QK567_Se1_Sea_Weeds_p022_PS4In celebration of National Poetry Month, and the love of seaweed and words and art, here is a gem we discovered recently at The Public Domain Review, an album filled with Victorian “seaweed pictures” and one of the sweetest seaweed poems, ever…

Ah! call us not weeds —
We are flowers of the sea
For lovely and bright
And gay tinted are we —

We are quite independent
Of culture and showers
Then call us not weeds
We are oceans’s gay flowers.


And, another discovery, a poem by Pablo Neruda

XXXIV (You are the daughter of the sea)

You are the daughter of the sea, oregano's first cousin.
Swimmer, your body is pure as the water;
cook, your blood is quick as the soil.
Everything you do is full of flowers, rich with the earth.

Your eyes go out toward the water, and the waves rise;
your hands go out to the earth and the seeds swell;
you know the deep essence of water and the earth,
conjoined in you like a formula for clay.

Naiad: cut your body into turquoise pieces,
they will bloom resurrected in the kitchen.
This is how you become everything that lives.

And so at last, you sleep, in the circle of my arms
that push back the shadows so that you can rest--
vegetables, seaweed, herbs: the foam of your dreams.

And finally a quote from the great naturalist and writer Loren Eiseley

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