Cup of Sea

We had a nice visit today from Josh Rogers, founder of Cup of Sea~Maine Seaweed Teas, one of Maine’s newest seaweed-related food and drink ventures.

Sea Smoke (lapsang souchong tea & smoked dulse)Cup of Sea makes a range of delicious teas–green, herbal, and black–blended with seaweeds. Take, for instance, “Sea Smoke,” a blend of lapsang souchong and smoked Dulse. For my first foray I tried “Sailor’s Cure-All,” with ginger, turmeric, and bladderwrack, plus a touch of honey. Warm, spicy, and a hint of ocean–delicious!

The Portland Press Herald ran a story on Cup of Sea this past weekend: Drinking seaweed is not weird anymore.”

And at the end of March, the Portland Phoenix covered Cup of Sea a bit more in-depth.

Find the teas at several locations around Portland, and at Lois’ Natural Marketplace in Scarborough. One of our new favorite things! It’s wonderful to see Maine seaweed making its way into people’s cups in such a creative and delicious form. Thanks Josh!



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2 Responses to Cup of Sea

  1. mcseaveg says:

    Thanks for being an MCSV fan for so long! We love the Cup of Sea seal logo, by the way…:)

  2. Josh Rogers says:

    Thanks for showing me around and tasting my teas! I’ve been a loyal fan of MCSV for over 20 years, so it was cool getting to peak behind the curtain. Awesome blog post, too!

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