Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Programs

Who will represent the next generation of the Ocean’s caretakers?

The Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Program has awarded more than $100,000 in scholarships to talented students since it began five years ago. The 2017 Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Contest offers  young artists a world stage to share their work.

Do you know of a young person in middle school or high school with a love for the Sea? Let them know, NOW is the time to submit their ART, POETRY, PROSE and FILM to make a change. This year’s theme is Ocean Pollution: Challenges & Solutions.

In 2011, founder Linda Cabot and her daughters embarked on a journey in Maine to film a documentaryFrom The Bow Seat—about environmental issues impacting the Gulf of Maine. The act of making a film and creating artwork made Linda and her daughters feel engaged and empowered in a way that went above and beyond reading about these issues in a book or hearing about them in a lecture.

Realizing the power of artwork and media to educate, inspire, and activate younger generations, Linda Cabot, founder, began to shape Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Programs into the organization it is today.”

Pass this on to young people and let them know that they, the ocean caretakers of the future, will be heard! Contest deadline is June 19, 2017.

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