Maine Composts Week

This week, May 7-13, it’s time to celebrate, learn about, and practice all things compost in Maine!

Organized by the George J. Mitchell Center for Sustainability Solutions, Maine Composts Week features resources, activities, contests and more, across the state, “to help facilitate improving resource management of organic materials in Maine.” It also coincides with International Compost Awareness Week.

Composting is a way to turn something that could be considered waste into something useful–combining food scraps, grass clippings, leaves, etc. and encouraging the work of microbes and other decomposers to break it all down into soil-enriching humus.

Check out a video shared on the Maine Composts Week Facebook page:

Image is not availableAt MCSV we collect our kitchen scraps and other organic materials generated in our building, and have a two-bin composting set-up at the edge of the woods and yard. We also collect the culled materials from our wild-harvested seaweeds and sell this as compost for gardeners. Seaweeds add abundant minerals, organic material, and even natural chemicals that feed plant growth and health to compost.

And many of us on staff are gardeners ourselves, using MCSV culls as well as seaweeds we collect off nearby shores to grow veggies, flowers, fruits, and herbs. MCSV founders Shep and Linnette Erhart have perhaps one of the most ambitious and seaweed-rich compost piles you’ve ever seen, that feeds their abundant gardens.

The Erharts’ seaweed-enriched compost system

Our Outreach and Education teams also works on local school gardening projects, helping schools incorporate seaweed into their gardens.

Maine Composts Week is about more than composting organic material so it doesn’t end up in landfills–it’s about ending hunger and food insecurity, closing the loop from farm to table to farm (or garden) again, and being more aware of and reducing the packaging of the products we use in our daily lives. As the saying goes, we get better at what we practice, and we’re always practicing something. So why not practice using our resources wisely?

And as always, Eat Your Sea Vegetables! (As food, or in compost to feed the plants that feed you!) :)


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