About Maine Coast Sea Vegetables

Our company was born in 1971 over a pot of seaweed miso soup in the kitchen of Linnette and Shep Erhart overlooking Hog Bay in Franklin. They had just harvested and cooked their first alaria fronds and found the soup delicious! News of the discovery spread to friends; they told their friends…

Early days of seaweed harvesting, Shep, Linnette and baby Seraphina

From two people producing 200 pounds in 1971, there are now over 40 of us handling over 100,000 pounds of sea vegetables annually. Another 20 year-round crew sort, pack, and market our sea veggies at our plant in Franklin, Maine.

We offer seven organically certified varieties: alaria, dulse, kelp, laver, sea lettuce, rockweed and bladderwrack. They are hand harvested directly from their beds at low tides, dried at low temperatures by sun, wood or forced hot air, and then packaged.

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  1. Peter Hoffman says:

    Hi I am cooking a meal for Paul Greenberg on Tuesday that is being filmed for Frontline. guests include Ted Ames from down your way an aquaculture guy from NOAA. Any chance I could get some alaria or other stuff shipped down? Peter Hoffman, savoynyc@gmail.com 917-496-6448. thanks

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