Maine Seaweed makes the society pages!

The second annual Maine Seaweed Festival on Saturday August 29th was a resounding success, with lots of families, smiles, sunshine, curiosity, and of course seaweed-eating! More on the Fest soon–we were there along with many other Maine seaweed businesses, sampling and selling products, eating seaweed ice cream, talking with lots of people, and generally having a good time.

Illustration imageTo cap off the Fest, a Full Moon Fishery Feast dinner was served amid glowing candles and twinkling lights, and the round, round moon. This dinner even made the Society pages of the Portland Press Herald! Further proof that seaweed is where it’s at.

~~Eat your sea vegetables!~~


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Ginger Kelp Krunch ice cream returns!

IMG_0108Our friends (and now, neighbors!) at Morton’s Moo have done it again–crafted a magically delicious treat with our Ginger Kelp Krunch.

Made with Sugar Kelp (Saccharina latissima) harvested here in Downeast Maine, plus sesame seeds, Maine maple syrup and brown rice syrup, ginger and a touch of cayenne, Ginger Kelp Krunch is salty, sweet, crunchy, and a little spicy.

Morton’s Moo blends it with their ginger ice cream, and the result is pretty darn good. See for yourself in downtown Ellsworth!

Kelp Krunch Bars


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End of an era, and new beginnings

Say goodbye...

Say goodbye…

Hard to believe, but we’ve come to our last day in the location we’ve been in since 1993. After several years of designing, planning, and building (not to mention many years of dreaming and envisioning), Maine Coast Sea Vegetables will soon be in its new home, a brand new building in nearby Hancock.

It’s hard to say goodbye to Franklin, and especially to Taunton Bay, where in many ways MCSV was born over forty years ago. But we have long outgrown this space, and we aren’t going far from the shore. And it’s also incredibly exciting to spread our wings into a new space, designed just for us!


…and say Hello!

Check out our Facebook page for more photos (this is just one angle–there are lots of views, inside and out, on FB!) and to see some of the progression of the new building as it’s gone up in the past year. More stories about our new home to come…

We are now closed for the month of August, and will re-open on Tuesday September 1st. You can still visit for information, but no orders will be taken until we come back.

In the meantime, if you’re in Maine or New England or want to visit, come see us, sample products, eat some seaweed ice cream, learn and play at the second Maine Seaweed Festival on Saturday August 29th!!! At Southern Maine Community College in South Portland.

We thank all of our customers, friends, colleagues, and fellow seaweed lovers for your support and good energy this past year, and every year!! Here’s to many more years in seaweed in our new home.

~~The MCSV team~~

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Seaweed art for Seaweed Fest!

This made our week last Friday–seaweed enthusiast and scientist Dr. Nicole Kirchhoff has created gorgeous seaweed postcards featuring her detailed illustrations (check out her other work here).

The postcards are available at the new gallery, KoT contemporary functional art in the Maine Grind building in Ellsworth. And Maine Coast Sea Vegetables will also have some for sale at the Maine Seaweed Festival on Saturday August 29 at Southern Maine Community College in South Portland!

Come see us at Seaweed Fest!!

IMG_0069 IMG_0068IMG_0070 IMG_0071

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Ice cream, energy bar, and Seaweed Fest–Kelp Krunch is on a roll!

IMG_0107Last week we posted a little story about the new Ginger Kelp Krunch™ ice cream at nearby Morton’s Moo–which they’ve almost sold out of, we hear!

Back in late May, our Krunch baker Kara and customer service lead Jean went to the Camden Snow Bowl Emergency Rescue Challenge 5k to share samples and promote Krunch as a healthy, salty-sweet snack and energy bar. And made some new friends. :) Kelp Krunch was a big hit with the athletes.

Emergency Rescue Challenge 5k, Camden Snow Bowl, May 23, 2015

Krunch baker Kara with athletes at the Camden Snow Bowl Emergency Rescue 5k, May 2015


Jean and the MCSV display at the Camden Snow Bowl Emergency Rescue 5k, May 2015







And coming up on Saturday August 29, Kelp Krunch will be one of the featured products at our booth at the second annual Maine Seaweed Festival! The Fest will once again be at Southern Maine Community College in Portland. Last year’s event was an amazing celebration of all things Maine seaweed, and fun for the whole family. Come and see us this year!

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Ginger Kelp Krunch ice cream!!


Ginger Kelp Krunch ice cream!

Our friends at Morton’s Moo in nearby Ellsworth are debuting a new ice cream flavor today–Ginger Kelp Krunch! Here at MCSV we did some taste testing a couple of weeks ago. There was a lot of oohing and aahing and the ice cream disappeared fast.

Morton’s MKelp Krunch™ Sesame Ginger - Single Baroo is mixing our Ginger Kelp Krunch with their ginger ice cream for this new flavor. If you’re in or near downeast Maine, stop in and try it!

Big thanks to Kirsten and everyone at Morton’s Moo for supporting Maine producers (using lots of local ingredients, including milk and cream) and making incredibly good ice cream. :)Morton's Moo logo july 2015



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World Oceans Day

How did we miss this?! Today is World Oceans Day!

All of our work, and much of our food, directly or indirectly depends on the ocean and the beautiful seaweeds the ocean supports. Not to mention at least half of the oxygen we all breathe, some of the most beautiful sights we know, and one of our favorite summertime experiences–swimming in the blue-green waves.

Just as we need the ocean, the ocean needs us–how can we help? One of the themes of this year’s World Oceans Day is plastics, from trash to microbeads–the tiny bits of plastic that are often used in body care products for exfoliation. We can reduce or eliminate our use of plastic bags, packaging, containers, and other items, and choose products that do not contain microbeads. To find out more about plastics and the ocean, and what we all can do, check out

Google has released underwater “street view” footage in honor of this day–with images from more than forty locations around the world.

Let’s ♥ the ocean, today and every day!

And, of course, eat some seaweed. :)




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Flexit Cafe features sea veggies

Our friends at the new Flexit Cafe and Bakery in Ellsworth participated in a local Chefs Gala this past weekend, and one of their creations was seared tuna with our Kelp granules, wasabi mayo, and black sesame seeds. YUM!

You’ll also find our Kelp Krunch bars at Flexit, with more products to come soon…plus they have fresh juices, homemade baked goods, and lots of local and organic veggies and other ingredients. And really nice people! :)

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“Light of the Seaweed Fairies”

This exhibit, Hidden World of the Ocean: Light of the Seaweed Fairies, at Sudurnes Science and Learning Center in Iceland looks lovely…yet another reason to visit Iceland! Though we have our own seaweed fairies here in Maine, too. :)

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Fun seaweed bumper sticker…

Dulse & Rugosa

This brought a laugh just when we needed it last week–our friends at Dulse and Rugosa, who make delicious body care products on an island off the coast of Maine, created this bumper sticker. Anyone in downeast Maine is likely to see one of these on some MCSV cars soon!



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